Based in Victoria AquaMax have a large range of Gas and Electric Hot Water Systems that are stringently tested by AquaMax for their endurance and ability to keep up with the demands of even the largest households.

AquaMax Electric Units:

Are mains pressure water heaters that allow you to maintain constant hot water pressure regardless of the amount of hot water outlets being used in your home at one time.

The cylinder is made of welded steel and protected by a strong color bond casing that enhances its performance. Aquamax back this with a 5 year warranty on the cylinder.

AquaMax Gas Units:

  • 5 star energy efficiency rating.
  • No fluctuating temperatures
  • Stainless Steel cylinder with 10 year warranty
  • Large first hour capacity (390 liters)
  • Use more than one tap at the same time.

AquaMax Units are solar compatible and an Aquamax solar kit is available for easy conversion.

At Inner City Plumbing we supply and install the full range of AquaMax water heaters Call us on 1300 668 834