Blocked storm water pipes and drains can throw the most ordered of households into complete chaos. By using the latest technology in drain cleaning Inner City Plumbing can solve your blockage problems.

Toilet blockages can occur even when your sewer system is in good working order. A blocked toilet is not necessarily a symptom of a blocked drain it could simply be that an object is lodged in the toilet causing an obstruction to the sewer pipe.

The main causes of blockages in the storm water or sewer are:

  • Debris in the pipes
  • Faults in the sewer line
  • Tree roots in the pipes

Blockages in your bathroom basin, bath, kitchen sink and other drains can be caused by fat, hair and other organic materials.

Drains can be unblocked in several different ways, not all materials are suitable for your drain our Plumbers can assess the right method for you once on site, including:

  • Commercial strength drain acid
  • Plunger
  • Kynocolt Gun
  • Water jet drain cleaner
  • Rigid drain machine
  • Replacement of Sewer pipes.

The only permanent solution for Blocked Drains is to completely replace old earthenware plumbing pipes with new PVC plastic plumbing pipes.

Inner City Plumbing have many options to keep your pipes and sewer lines clear and free flowing that may prove a more cost effective option.