Blocked Toilets & Pipes

There are many reasons why toilets block.

It may be indicating that a larger problem such as a sewer blockage has occurred. There could be an obstruction in the toilet line such as toilet freshener or objects that have fallen into the toilet causing the pipe to jam.
A build up of toilet paper could be blocking the sewer.

How do you know if your toilet is blocked?

When the water level of your toilet is slow to get away after flushing and the water level rises up to the top of  the toilet.

Blocked Pipes

Most plumbing blockages in the home are caused by hair, larger debris, grease or fat being washed down the plugholes.  Over time these types of blockages gradually build up and the flow of the water draining away from the appliance becomes slower and slower. Regular use of chemical drain cleaners does help to keep the waste system clear and fresh.

External gullies, stacks and drains can easily become blocked with leaves and debris falling  invariably finding their  way into the drains. If these drains become so blocked that water ceases to flow  this can cause dampness to form on the outside walls of  your building.

A blocked drainage pipe can become a costly and destructive problem. Totally blocked pipes cause sewerage backup through floor drains or fixtures whilst partially blocked pipes result in a slow draining of the fixture and insufficient operation of fittings.

Using our CCTV Camera we are able to investigate the blockage thoroughly so we may know the best course of action to take to resolve your problems.

Hydro-jetting is a very efficient way  of clearing blocked pipes and can stamp out even the most relentless of pipe clogs.

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