Camera & Locator Services

At Inner City Plumbing we have expert plumbers and quality equipment to detect hidden leaks and damage. Whilst it is true that older properties more commonly have leakage problems these problems
can occur in newer properties also. Corrosion, poor construction and sometimes ground movement can cause unpredicted pipe damage at any time.

If these problems go undetected it threatens property and can make repairs much more expensive.

Using the latest technology in camera and locating tools we can ascertain the exact point at which the problem occurred , a clearer picture of the exact problem which enables us to give our clients:

  • An exact quote for repairing the problem.
  • Accurately locate the blockage or leak without destroying your property whilst repair work is being done.
  • To ascertain whether yourself or the local water authority is responsible for the cost of renewal or repairs.
  • To prevent the same problems occurring in the future.