Fire mains – Bursts/Leaks

Access to water is absolutely essential when combating fires especially in complexes such as shopping centre’s, schools, factories, office blocks and places where large numbers of people congregate.

ICP specialize in:

  • Fire Service Maintenance and Repairs
  • New Fire Service Installation
  • Hose Reel Installations
  • Replacement and rebuilding of Mains Valves
  • Check and Gate Vale Maintenance, Repairs and Replacement.

It is essential that Fire Services operate at their maximum efficiency during and emergency.
To ensure that your system is in good working order it is imperative that they be regularly maintained and serviced.

Every property owner has the responsibility to regularly maintain:-

The surface fittings of the valve and fire service pipe

The main fire service valve located off the water main.

The bolts, nuts and insertion rubber which secure the fire service valve to the water main branch connection.