Gas Appliances

Inner City Plumbing is available to service, install repair and maintain your Commercial Appliances. This is carried out by our experienced Plumber Gasfitter tradesman in compliance with all current regulations.

If you require replacement or new installation of commercial gas fitting lines or appliances we are at your service 24hrs per day , we know how important it is for these jobs to be done on your down time.

  • Inner City Plumbing recommends:
  • That all gas appliances be checked every two years by a qualified technician.
  • All gas flames should be blue with no yellow tips, if yellow flame or carbon deposits are present it is a sure sign that it is time to have your burners serviced.
  • Sore eyes and throat can be an indication that there are flue leaks from gas appliances.
  • Carbon Monoxide is colorless and extremely toxic, any suspected leaks should be investigated and repaired immediately.