Gas Leaks – Camberwell

Just 9km East of the Melbourne CBD is Camberwell. A busy suburb, Camberwell is well known for the shopping strip on Burke Road and for it’s friendly, family atmosphere. It is also the home to the Camberwell Sunday Market, where you can buy vintage and antique goods of all sorts — just be sure not to buy any antique pipes. Old gas pipe can leak and become a serious health issue. Don’t play around with a leaky pipe, Inner City Plumbing have the team and the experience to handle all your gas leak problems.

How to check for Gas Leaks in Camberwell

It is important to report a gas leak to the experts as soon as possible. The team here at Inner City Plumbing are your local Camberwell gas leak specialists. So if you need an emergency gas leak fixed, Inner City Plumbing is the team to call.

To contact the Inner City Plumbing gas leak teaml, call us on: 9281 1873 or click here to complete the contact form and we will contact you within 24 hours.