Gas Leaks – Glen Iris

Located 10km south-east of the CBD, historic Glen Iris has been Melbourne’s geographical centre of population for almost 20 years and has a strong history dating back to the 1850s. With history comes age, and with age comes old and worn out pipes and fittings. Luckily for you, with age also comes experience, and Inner City Plumbing has been servicing Glen Iris for nearly 20 years. Our team have the experience to handle all your gas leak and gas line repair needs for both new and old properties.

How to check for Gas Leaks in Glen Iris

It is important to report a gas leak to the experts as soon as you know about it. Here at Inner City Plumbing, we have been servicing the Glen Iris region for over 20 years – with history, comes experience. If gas leaks are your problem then Inner City Plumbing are the team and the experience for the job.

For all your gas leak and maintenance needs, call Inner City Plumbing on 9281 1873 orcontact us online via our contact form found here