Pipe Camera Inspections Brunswick

Some say the suburb of Brunswick peaked during the Goldrush era of the 1850s, but its nearly 25,000 residents would be likely to disagree. From the bustling cafes up and down Lygon Street to the packed nightclubs and busy retail stores on Sydney Road, the gold in Brunswick no longer comes from the ground, but through the toils and tills of its thriving businesses.

These days, Brunswick is the multicultural centre of Melbourne with strong Italian, Irish and Greek populations. This diversity is reflected throughout the cuisine available along numerous, café and restaurant laden streets.

Brunswick Drain Camera Inspection

It’s no longer likely that you’ll find gold in the drains of Brunswick, but with the right equipment you can still find some interesting stuff. At Inner City Plumbing we use drain and pipe cameras to see inside your drains and find any problems or issues without the need to dig. We know that the residents of Brunswick work and play hard, and don’t want to be worrying about bad pipes in their downtime. That’s why we are committed to solving your pipe problems using our drain camera and pipe inspections.

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