Pipe Camera Inspections Glen Iris

The suburb Glen Iris is based around the property owned by Captain Thomas Henderson after he landed near Melbourne in 1850. The suburb gets its name from his ship, the Iris, and while it’s definitely grown substantially over the last 160 years, it still maintains that friendly, home-town atmosphere. These days, with over 25,000 residents Glen Iris is clearly a popular place to live and an ideal place for families, young couples and singles.

Take Glen Iris’ most famous resident for instance. All round good guy, Sandy Stone loved Glen Iris with all his heart, but even his good temper would of be soured by the frustration caused by pipe and drain problems.

Glen Iris Drain Inspection

At Inner City Plumbing, we utilise pipe and drain cameras to get into the drains below Glen Iris to check for issues and obstructions. For us, this means knowing quickly and efficiently what work need to be undertaken to get your pipes back to tip top condition; for you it means far less hassle! So if you’re a bit like Sandy (good tempered but frustrated and stressed out at faulty plumbing), give us a call to find out what our pipe cameras (and over 20 years of expertise) can do for you.

For drain and pipe cameras, or just Glen Iris’ best team of plumbers, call us on 9281 1873 or click here.