Pipe Camera Inspections Hawthorn

First settled in the late 1830’s, Hawthorn is regarded as one of Melbourne’s surviving bastions of post-Gold Rush expansion. With land values amongst the highest in the country and a number of quality parks — many of which retain the same layout as when they were first created in the 19th century — there is no denying Hawthorn is a town stooped in history. Being the home of Swinburne University of Technology as well as a number of prestigious state-run and private schools, Hawthorn is a place of learning and knowledge.

Drain Inspection Camera Hawthorn

Knowledge and experience, as well as high tech cameras for drain and pipe inspections are what Inner City Plumbing is known for. So whilst the people of Hawthorn plumb through the university texts, we investigate the history of your pipes and drains with our pipe inspection camera. We have learnt from over 20 years experience and gladly offer it on every job we undertake. We are the only choice when it comes to drain and piping camera inspections.

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