Pipe Camera Inspections South Melbourne

South Melbourne, originally known as the Emerald Hill, was founded around the same time as the City of Melbourne. Built on the edge of a long-dried-up swamp, some would say that the suburb is now the shining jewel of Melbourne’s cosmopolitan character. In the mid 1980s, South Melbourne was booming with restaurants and retail outlets rushing in to take advantage the suburbs sudden rise to fashion. The boom never ended, and today South Melbourne is one of the cities liveliest locales.

The sudden growth meant that as new construction took place, not all the old infrastructure was taken care of. There are still plenty of old and aging plumbing systems around South Melbourne that can cause you a big headache.

Drain Camera Inspections in South Melbourne

South Melbourne isn’t a swamp anymore, so why should your backyard resemble one just because of some minor plumbing issues? At Inner City Plumbing, we utilise pipe and drain camera technology to get into the places that other plumbers can’t, meaning that we can find the problems in your drainage and plumbing systems without having to dig, resulting in less hassle for you. Our pipe cameras are just another reason why Inner City Plumbing is South Melbourne’s first choice for plumbing services.

So if you’re in South Melbourne and want to find out how our drain cameras can make your next plumbing job a breeze, call us on 9281 1873 or click here to contact us online.