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South Melbourne is one of the top spots in Melbourne for dining and shopping, with busy Clarendon Street, famous for its one kilometre shopping strip. This area features a huge variety of fashion, art, retail outlets and places to eat.

As one of Melbourne’s oldest inner city areas, South Melbourne also has some of the best examples of original Victorian architecture in the state. Unfortunately, old suburbs also mean old plumbing but with over twenty years’ experience in solving Melbourne’s plumbing problems, the team at Inner City Plumbing are ready to tackle any challenge.

If you are in need of leak detection in Melbourne, contact us today.

How We Find and Repair Leaks

Some leaks can be hard to find as they are located behind a wall, under your kitchen floor or even within your main water line. This is what is referred to as a concealed leak, which can lead to property damage, mold and other issues.

Even though you cannot see a concealed leak, there are a few things that you can look for, such as:

  • You see water damage throughout your house. Check your walls and floors for discolouration, the smell of mildew and similar signs.
  • Your water bill suddenly increased. Even though you didn’t buy a new appliance or install a pool. Concealed leaks increase your utility bill because the water traveling through the pipes doesn’t all get to the tap or shower.
  • You notice water showing up in unexpected areas. This could be on your kitchen or bathroom floor, as well as in the basement. If you have an irrigation system, there might be small puddles of water on your grass or near your flowers.

If have any reason to suspect a water leak, contact us immediately. We have leak detection tools that allow us to locate concealed cracks whether they are located in your underground pipes or sewer system.

Once we find the leak, we can also fix the root of the problem. This may require simple pipe repair, or in some instanced new water pipes may need to be installed. Regardless of the preferred solution, we have the tools and expertise to finish the job.

It is important to keep in mind that you should call us as soon as possible if you expect a water leak. The longer you wait, the more severe the issue can become and lead to more damage. Fixing a concealed leak as soon as you suspect there is a problem saves you money on your water bills, as well as the long term maintenance costs associated with removing mold and repairing floors plus walls.

Why Use Inner City Plumbing for Leak Detection?

Inner City Plumbing in South Melbourne are your local leak detection specialist team. In the event of water leaks, do not hesitate to give the Inner City Plumbing South Melbourne team a call, and benefit from our wealth of experience, latest technology and local knowledge.

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