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Burst Pipe Melbourne

Do You have Burst Pipe or Drain in Melbourne

The professional team at Inner City Plumbing are the plumbers to call for your burst pipe Melbourne. If you have an emergency burst pipe or just need general maintenance, Inner City Plumbing is here to help. If you do have a burst pipe Melbourne then Inner City Plumbing, your burst pipe Melbourne specialists will be able to fix the problem. We get to the cause of the problem fast to effectively repairing or replacing the pipe. We’ll have you up and running in no time.

A burst pipe Melbourne can be one of the most inconvenient and frustrating plumbing problems for the a home or business. Whether it is behind your wall or underground, we have the equipment to locate the source of the problem and provide a solution to your burst pipe Melbourne. This will save you money on your water and energy bills. Our friendly team of skilful plumbers in Melbourne can repair and replace your pipes. We fix any burst pipe Melbourne including plastic (PVC), metal, copper, lead or stainless steel. The team at Inner City plumbing can locate the burst pipe, even when it is not apparent. Our plumber will be able to determine whether the pipe needs to be repaired or replaced. The job will be done quickly and efficiently.

Almost all the burst pipe Melbourne problems can be fixed onsite, saving you both time and money. Call 1300 668 834 for our 1 hour guaranteed service time.

The team at Inner City Plumbing are professional pipe repairs specialists which is peace of mind for you, your family or business. We have over 20 years of pipe and drain repair and replacement experience. Our burst pipe Melbourne plumbers can diagnose a problem quickly and suggest the best course of action.

Time is important when it comes to burst pipe repairs. We are available 24/7 so it does not matter if it is the middle of the night, the weekend or Christmas Day; if you need help immediately we can be there within the hour. Our 24hr plumbers are on call to handle your burst pipe Melbourne. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know the urgency of a blocked or burst pipe, and we don’t waste time.

So for all your burst pipe problems in Melbourne, simply call us on: 1300 668 834 or click here to complete the contact form and we will contact you fast.

Here are some of the signs of a burst pipe in a residential or commercial plumbing system

  • Loss of water pressure
  • Unusual noises coming from the water system
  • Peeling paint
  • Wet, spongy lawn, despite no rain
  • Lifting tiles
  • Damp patches on ceilings, walls or floors
  • Discoloured water
  • Mould formation

Some reasons for a Burst Pipe Melbourne

The pipes that form water lines within our homes have a long life expectancy. But, sometimes certain situations can place them under stress, causing them to leak or burst.

High water pressure

Exposure to high water pressure places stress on the piping and pipe joints, wearing them out faster than expected. Water hammer is often a sign of high water pressure.

Incorrectly installed pipes

It’s important to use a licensed plumber like Inner City Plumbing for your plumbing needs. Improperly installed pipes are at risk of hammering, leaking and bursting.

Clogged water pipes

Pipes that are completely or partially clogged with debris cause a buildup of pressure in the system. This pressure buildup places demand on the pipes to expand and eventually burst.

Ageing hot water system

Harsh weather and fittings that have loosened with age can cause hot water system pipes to leak and if not rectified, to burst.

Accidental damage

Doing renovations or gardening which interfere with your water system can result in an unexpected pipe burst.

Frozen pipes

Temperatures that drop below freezing can mean that water in uninsulated pipes freezes. The frozen water expands, putting a strain on the pipe until it bursts.

Simple steps to avoid problems that occur with a burst pipe Melbourne

Step 1: Turn off the water at the main

Locate your water meter (usually in the front corner of the property) and turn the lever to the off position. This will prevent water flowing to your home or business and protect it from being further affected by water.

Step 2: Turn on taps

Turning on several taps will allow the water still in the system to run out here, rather than through the burst pipe.

Step 3: Call Inner City Plumbing on 1300 668 834 for 24/7 service

We will action your call immediately. While we are on our way, we suggest you clean up the excess water. This will help to minimise damage to your property and the total cost involved. As you clean up excess water, be sure to move your belongings and furniture from the area to protect them.

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Inner City Plumbing services all Melbourne Suburbs specialising in gas leak detection and repairs. We have been in this business for over 20 years and we are continuously growing. Our clients appreciate our friendly plumbers and how we use the latest technology to deliver high quality plumbing solutions. We work very hard to make sure all our customers are completely satisfied with our service. Our goal is to always exceed our customers expectations.

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Best plumbers in town. They are quick to respond and reasonably priced. True professionals. I have had 2 issues since i moved into my house and they helped me out both times. first time was a roof leak and the second time my friends kid flushed something in toilet he shouldn't have. Both times they responded quickly and resolved the problem within an hour. I will never call anyone else for plumbing issues

Won me over

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Inner City Plumbing has won me over with their customer service and will now be my go plumbers. Called the company and from first point of contact very helpful and polite. Plumber arrived within 2 hours and attended to leak i had. The plumber explained everything to me step by step and explained the pricing also. You wont go wrong calling this company for your plumbing needs.

kitchen sink

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We had problems with our kitchen sink. Paris booked us in within the hour (earlier than expected). Shane was very polite and helpful and gave me some pointers preventing this in the future. Price was reasonable. Thanks so much

Hot Water Service

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Spoke to Sam who was knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He gave me a few options to replace my hot water service. Technician arrived and was professional, helpful and polite. He also cleaned up which i thought was totally respectable. I'd highly recommend this company !!!

Lost water

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This company came out the same day and had us fixed up in no time. We had a pipe that cracked and we lost water to the house. Steve was extremely helpful and told us the long term solution to the bigger issue we had. Great service, fair pricing - would recommend

drain issues

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Had an issue with a drain. Called inner city plumbing, Guy the plumber was very professional, took care of our problem and was honest about the issue. Would highly recommend Inner City Plumbing for any plumbing works