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Gas and water leak detection Melbourne

A water leak is a tragedy. A gas leak is an emergency. With thirty years of experience, 24/7 availability and one-hour emergency response times, our veteran leak detection specialists can save your site from catastrophe.
Google Rating
Based on 338 reviews

Spot a streaky stain? Whiff a foul smell? We’re on our way.


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Our leak detectors can schedule visits at the most convenient times, including outside your business hours.
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Instant emergency

Between wood rot and flammable gas, every leak has the potential to be an emergency. We’ll be there in a flash.


We’ve provided reliable leak detection services for Melbourne homes and businesses since the mid-90s.


Our five-star service is based on our friendliness and versatility as much as it is on our unrivaled expertise.

How we detect leaks

“What’s the worst leak you’ve ever seen?” If we had a dollar for every time we’ve heard that question… we’d still be plumbers, but at least all of our mortgages would be paid off. We can tell you that the worst cases usually have one of two things in common: clients either ignored them for too long or tried to repair them themselves.

Every site is as unique as a thumbprint, and we’ve earned our reputation as one of the leading leak detection companies in Melbourne by offering a wide range of adaptable solutions to find even the most well-hidden leaks. Here are our reliable favourites.

In order to get the best and clearest possible footage, your drains must be thoroughly cleaned before the inspection. Not to worry — we’ll take care of that for you. Before we send the camera down, we’ll clear your drains using a high-powered pipe hose. However, we will ask you to do your best to avoid using any sinks, showers, toilets and drains connected to the pipes you think may be blocked or leaking. Of course, we understand that’s not always possible, but the sooner you call us, the sooner we can get your home or business running properly again.

We don’t cut corners to cut costs

The most effective cost-cutting solution is a job well done. We don’t spare any expense to ensure our leak detectors have access to the best possible equipment, and are also trained and accredited to use their tools to their full potential. Of course, once we’ve located the leak, we’ll fix it using the best parts available, too.

Melbourne water leak detection services

Not all leaks are as apparent as a stain on the wall. Whether you’ve got gas leaks deep underground or water pipes spread across multiple storeys of your apartment or office building, our specialists will find and fix them.

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Underground and in-wall leaks

Need to find out where exactly the leak is? Not to worry. With the right tools, we can suss out any leak.

example of pre-purchase water leak prevention
Pre-purchase leak detection

Before you sign on the dotted line, let our plumbing leak detectors mosey around your new home.

example of blocked drain camera services
Gas and water pipe location

Accurately map out your plumbing and utility pipes to prevent leaks during new builds or renovations.

emergency services
Emergency leak detection

When a leak threatens to become a flood, get yourself to safety and call us. We’ll be there in under an hour.

Our leak detection team in action

When even a minor leak can cause all kinds of stains, rot and mould issues, the last thing you need is a muddy-booted plumber knocking holes in your walls and digging up your garden. We promise to always treat your home or business with the utmost respect.

Suppliers we work with

Prompt service, guaranteed

Our plumbers patrol Melbourne in vans fully equipped with all the water and gas leak detection equipment they need. That’s how we’re able to offer near-instant service to all of our clients. Just give us a call, and tell us when you need us.

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Call us 24/7. If we’re tending to another client, we’ll call back in a matter of minutes.
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Bang out the details with our team. Tell us about any leakage signs, and we’ll tell you if you need to get to safety.
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We’ll schedule an appointment at a convenient time or send our emergency team immediately.

Our service areas

While the inner city will always be our home, we haven’t spent three decades confined to a handful of suburbs. These days, we’re glad to say we can provide water and gas leak detection services for over 160 suburbs within the Melbourne metropolitan area.

That’s a heck of a spread, but the size of our domain hasn’t diminished the speed of our service. We still guarantee our one-hour emergency response time for every suburb under our care.

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What our customers say

Jane OliverJane Oliver ★★★★★ I've had Inner City over a couple of times and really appreciate them. Always prompt, easy to work with and they get the job done. Their rates seem pretty competitive too.Hugh GarnerHugh Garner ★★★★★ We recommend Inner City Plumbing highly. We called the company for a big leak in the pipes in our kitchen. Guy and his assistant came quickly, diagnosed the problem, fixed it and were able to provide the needed supplies. They were knowledgeable and worked efficiently. We’ll definitely call them again for other plumbing needs. HGTrudi HarrisTrudi Harris ★★★★★ Robert WallheadRobert Wallhead ★★★★★ They arrived quickly, when they said they would, and were professional and helpful thought. Excellent service!Khadijah Turk.Khadijah Turk. ★★★★★ Victoria DavisVictoria Davis ★★★★★ Really helpful and efficient guys. Decent quotes. Would certainly recommendrosemary dicksonrosemary dickson ★★★★★ These guys turn up on time, are efficient, polite and even clean up after themselves! What's not to like?? 😁👍Danica DjajaDanica Djaja ★★★★★ Guy Smith-Steane came to fix sewage blockage at my house today. He was punctual and professional, and very pleasant to deal with. Very grateful that he was able to resolve the issue, and my toilets were finally functioning properly again. Highly recommend Guy and Inner City Plumbing.Ed MacaulayEd Macaulay ★★★★★ Prompt service with from a plumber who identified my problem and quickly fixed it at a reasonable price (taking account of the fact the service was outside normal working hours) I will keep this company in mind when I require plumbing work in the future.Ashrakat CharmyAshrakat Charmy ★★★★★ Big thanks to Jack & Guy for installing a couple of wall hung vanities.They were quick, efficient and excellent value for money.Would def hire them again for any plumbing issues!Liz KLiz K ★★★★★ Highly recommend. Courteous & helpful plumber, job efficiently done. Thank you.Rachael LudowykeRachael Ludowyke ★★★★☆ Responsive and reliable but somewhat expensive.I called Inner City Plumbing 7am Monday morning after a burst pipe overnight had our water off at the mains and unable to shower for work.They were one of the only plumbers that answered the phone and arrived promptly at 8:30am and resolved the issue in 1.5hours.I thought normal rates would apply but I think we were still charged "emergency" rates based on the final bill.Louie BizilisLouie Bizilis ★★★★★ Fantastic service very good guys to deal with very good rates and prompt on time serviceLouise BullockLouise Bullock ★★★★★ Fast, friendly and efficient service. I highly recommended Inner City Plumbing.Mirabella CalugaruMirabella Calugaru ★★★★★ Inner City Plumbing attended property to assess hot water issue. They were prompt, efficient and honest in their assessment. Extremely professional and thoroughly communicated their professional opinion. Highly recommend!eva kahanseva kahans ★★★★★ Inner City Plumbing fixed my hot water problem quickly, as well as alerting me to another potential issue in my bathroom. They responded to my initial phone call promptly and arrived at the appointed time, which was great. I will definitely use Inner City Plumbing again as the service was professional and efficient.George PapadopoulosGeorge Papadopoulos ★★★★★ Prompt, professional and very honest. I will continue to use this company and definitely tell family and friends about them. Refreshing to see that customer service still exists. Explained everything thoroughly and answered all my questions. Honestly the best company as far as tradies to work on my extensive renovation. Thanks guys!!John KiriakidisJohn Kiriakidis ★★★★★ Fantastic service received from Inner city plumbing yet again! Prompt call out, reasonable fees & friendly team. Thanks again to Sam & Inner city Plumbing for doing an amazing job!!!Highly recommended!!!!! JohnJSSTEANEJSSTEANE ★★★★★ JSSTEANEJSSTEANE ★★★★★ Fantastic customer service, both over the phone and with plumbers who fixed my gas leak and hot water. Explained the problem and quoted the cost before carrying out any work.Thanks for the help.Highly recommend Inner City PlumbingLouis ClayLouis Clay ★★★★★ Shane was on time, found the problem and fixed it quickly - great service from Inner City Plumbing.Cameron MiltonCameron Milton ★★★★★ Inner City Plumbing were fantastic, everything from booking in the appointment, to the plumbers Jack and Lauchlan turning up on time, giving advice, and honestly working hard, would call them again any day of the week if I or when I need another plumbing problem resolved. I highly recommend themTsets GibbonsTsets Gibbons ★★★★★ David BruceDavid Bruce ★★★★★ Quick, efficient and friendly and most importantly did an excellent job.Costa HaraCosta Hara ★★★★★ I called Inner City Plumbing as we had a gas leak. I tried a number of plumbers in our area and no one was available to come out on the same day. Inner City Plumbing had plumber Shane arrive within the hour. Shane was awesome! He let us know the price at every stage. He showed us what needed doing and made sure everything was safe.Happy to recommend these guys. Price was great and the job was completed properly.Tab WaymouthTab Waymouth ★★★★★ Zhané Orr-O'FarrellZhané Orr-O'Farrell ★★★★★ Fantastic experience with Guy who attended my property, quickly and efficiently rectified my plumbing issue. Very personable and positive experience. Highly recommend!Nicholas “Ntones” TonesNicholas “Ntones” Tones ★★★★★ Recommended. On time, right pricejs_loader
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Melbourne’s best leak detection team?

We can’t say that. But our satisfied clients sure can. Browse our countless 5-star reviews, and you’ll find recommendations for our services from business owners, site managers and local council administrators.
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Servicing all industries

Single-storey home, twenty-storey hotel, or thousand-hectare campus — trust us to handle it.
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Quality tradecraft

We make a lot of promises. But we’ve built a three-decade career by keeping those promises.
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Personalised service

If you need us to work around your business hours or when your family’s out of the house, we’ll make it work.
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Customers adore us for our speed and honesty. We have hundreds of 5-star reviews.
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About us

We’re plumbers. You don’t need to know all the slimy, sticky, stinky details about us and what we do. But we can sum up the important stuff with three goals:

  • We always aim to go the extra mile for our clients
  • We always seek to grow, learn, adapt and evolve
  • We love what we do

If we had to boil that all down to one point, it would be the last. We really do love what we do. As a family business, we’re in the awesome position of getting to work with our loved ones, trading hard-earned expertise every day. Our pride in our profession has enabled us to be the best at it for thirty years. We reckon we love it enough to last thirty more.

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Frequently asked questions

If this is your first time dealing with a concealed water leak, you might not even know what signs to look for. Spotting a water leak can be tricky, but there are usually a few signs that can tip you off, such as:

The water bill has unexpectedly increased

If you did not recently buy a new appliance, such as a washing machine or refrigerator, then your water bill should not dramatically rise.

Water is puddling up in unusual places

You might notice minor puddles at the base of your kitchen island or in your laundry cabinets. You may even notice seemingly random puddles around your site — look up and notice they’re beneath downlights.

There are signs of mould and water damage around the house

This could be mould spots on the wall, or the slight discolouration and softening of wood in a particular area. You may even notice a dank scent. Mould can be extremely difficult to deal with, so it’s best to contact a leak detection specialist as soon as you suspect a mould problem.

Your irrigation system is leaking

Irrigation leaks can be trickier to detect since they can evaporate quite quickly outdoors. However, you may notice small puddles or consistently moist soil around your lawn.

Residential and commercial gas is mixed with a foul-smelling chemical, so it’s easy for you to immediately identify a leak. However, there are other signs you should be alert for:

  • If you have an underground gas leak, you may notice your grass dying off in odd patterns
  • You may a whistling noise around your gas-fed appliances and pipes
  • Your gas bill is unusually high
  • Your gas-fed water heater runs out of hot water quickly
  • You feel nauseous or get a headache when you’re around gas-fed appliances or pipes

If you suspect a gas leak, turn off the gas from the mains and get everyone out of the building. Call our gas leak detection team immediately, and do not attempt to fix the leak on your own.

Alright, let’s hunt out that leak

You’ve got our details; now we just need yours. Get in touch to schedule an appointment, or have our emergency leak detectors rush out to you.


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