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 Hydro Jetting Simplified

Traditionally, a plumber would use a cable machine to snake your drain. However, this method has shown to be inefficient, as the clogs return within a short period of a few months. One of the reasons that this method is inefficient is that you can’t get to the main cause of the drain blockage. As time passes, the build up process continues, eventuating in the same problems. Hydro Jetting is a method of flushing out your drains. It uses a special high-powered water jet stream to make them extremely clean. 


Hydro Jetting Services Melbourne


 The hydro jetters used by Inner City Plumbing can deliver water at incredible cutting force and speed under thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch. Hydro Jetting will remove debris that has accumulated in the drain during past use, clearing out years of gunk. You are left with a drain system that is functioning as it should be, clear of debris and waste build up.

Hydro Jetting is also so powerful that it can even remove tree roots that have gotten into your sewer pipes. With hydro jetting technology, the tree root debris is completely removed and you are back to having a cleared sewer drain in no time.

This technology is even used in restaurants, which require Hydro Jet drain cleaning considering the grease that can rapidly build up in restaurants. In some restaurants, a sewer line can become impacted in as little as 3 months with grease causing drain blockages and even flooding. Hydro Jet drain cleaning is one of the most effective options when it comes to pipe blockages.


 How often should Hydro Jet your drains?

The hydro Jet drain-cleaning machine is engine-powered, and is on a truck or mounted on a trailer. The machine pressurises water to roughly 4000 psi, and pushes this water through a hose with a special nozzle that scours the inside of the drain pipe. This removes the build up of grease and debris that have formed inside the drain pipe over time. When the cleaning nozzle is inserted into the drain, it slowly breaks down the grease as the water pushes through it. This enables all the waste to safely drain into the sewer system.

Its important to have Inner City Plumbing’s hydro jet your restaurant or bar every 3-5 months. This will keep your business operating without any plumbing problems or interruptions.

That being said, there are times when hydro jetting is ineffective. This can occur if there are cracks in your sewer and drain pipes. Cracks in the pipes indicates that the strength of the entire pipeline has been compromised and needs to be repaired promptly before it collapses completely. 

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